“You are not defined by your beginnings and past stories, everyday you have the power to start fresh.“


"Healing doesn't mean the pain never existed. It means the damage no longer takes control of our lives"

Akshay Dubey

Hi, my name is Riannah and I am a coach.

A recovery and mindset coach.

I am driven to help empower women who have been sexually abused to move on from the pain of their past and take back the control that is so rightly deserved. I am here to help you find your confidence again, and empower you to take back the control you may have felt was lost. This is no short journey and does require attention and care.

Riannah helped me with my life! She helped me organise my mind in a way that I'm able to focus on the present and how I see myself or how the world sees me. She's given me the tools to finally see my purpose and how I can move further to achieve those purposes. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone who is in dire need of direction and change.

Sophie S

I am 50 years old and have gone through life blaming certain things on what happened to me as a child , and accepting situations that make me unhappy .
Riannah has helped me to see I can change things . I don't have to accept it and let people walk over me . There's no magic cure , but talking through things with her has helped me to see things differently and what I can do to make things better . Don't go through life letting the abuse that happened in your past map your future .

Sonia C

What is a Coach?

Coaching focusses on creating a supportive relationship that helps you focus on the “here and now” rather than the distant past or future.

I am here to help you unlock your goals and how you want to live your life. Working with a coach allows you to put together a step-by-step plan that will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Support and guidance will always be provided on your journey.

Coaching also allows you to gain an understanding of your own mind; you are able to look at what holds you back and how you can overcome any old beliefs that have kept you in the dark.

Once you have an understanding of your mind, the techniques learnt through coaching can help create new and positive habits.

Recovery Coaching

Do you feel as though you aren’t in control of your emotions? Not in control of your current surroundings or thoughts? Worried that the traumas of the past have an affect on how you live?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. We will work together to move on from the pain and hurt of the experiences you have faced with the trauma; by creating a vision of the person you want to be once we strip away the lies you have been fed and have been telling yourself.

Mindset Coaching

Do you feel as though how you think affects how you look at things?

We work on ways to rewire the way you think to allow yourself to be the best version of you. You will be in control of how we move forward with this. Working on how you think about things and using techniques, this is your chance to be the best version of you.

You have more power than you actually think.

Creating a positive mindset towards the way you look at life can be used for absolutely everything and anything. How we see and feel about things effects whether or not we move forward with what we want to do.

Looking for a Coach?

Don’t hesitate and get in touch today. Make today the day YOU decide to take charge of being in control.